Hello from the future

Hello from the future

It’s 2018 here already, and WOW – what an explosive start to the new year. (Yeah, I know, sorry not sorry about that pun). After 20 hours in an airplane, I’ve really hit the ground running. 
It’s been wonderful catching up with my good friends Sarah and Kenzie, who are from Charlotte but have been living in Australia for the last 10 months. Recently, they’ve been staying in a swanky multimillion dollar Sydney home for FREE, in exchange for their house and cat-sitting services – and they invited me to crash with them for my 10 days in SYD. You can’t make this stuff up.     
I’ve been hanging out with the girls and their Kiwi friend Charlotte (Kiwi is an endearing nickname for native New Zealanders – if ya don’t know, now ya know), and we wasted no time making our way to the bars and making some new friends. Oh, and orchestrating an impassioned singalong with every patron at the happy hour bar to Toto’s ‘Africa’. As one does. Things led to things… Day 1, and already I found myself in a house party with some particularly excellent company, defiantly fighting back against a bit of jetlag. I won.
The second day’s adventure was equally excellent; we tackled the gorgeous 3-hour walk from Spit to Manly to combat our hangovers, burn off those beer calories, and reward ourselves with the views below. Despite temps in the 90s, it was well worth the gratuitous puddles of sweat. The ferry ride back from Manly gave me my first up-close peek at the iconic Opera House, but it wouldn’t be long before the views got much, MUCH better. Enter NYE.

If you find yourself in Sydney on New Years, you might as well do it right – so we partied on Opera House steps, affording ourselves the best front row seat in the house to an incredible display of raw noise and color over the harbor. I can’t imagine a better way to kick off a new year – particularly this year. Rather than continue to bore you with words, I’ll let the photos (and video!) speak for themselves. Happy New Year, folks! Hope 2018 treats ya right.

6 thoughts on “Hello from the future

  1. Amazing! So happy you are having fun! Nothing about any of this looks miserable so far lol.
    We love you and miss you lots. ❤️

  2. Chris… I have a old address book from Hallmark that says “places I can stay for free” that house looks amazing!!! Love the pics😄

  3. Awesome! Glad you landed safely and have had what looks to be an amazing New Year celebration. Beautiful views. Looking forward to following along. Cheers and HNY!

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