Busy Earnin’

Busy Earnin’

Another lovely couple of days here in beautiful Sydney, where temps have hovered in the low 70s. I experienced a few firsts over the past few days – namely my first goodbye, a pervasive hallmark of the backpacker lifestyle that will become a constant in my life for the next year. My new – but already dear – friend Charlotte left us and hopped a plane back to New Zealand. Having said that, it wasn’t all that sad really, since I’ll see her and the rest of my little Sydney family in Melbourne next month! Better still, Sarah’s made plans this week to join me in tackling Everest Base Camp together in a few months, and Kenzie will be traveling alongside me afterward in Indonesia and Vietnam. Clearly, goodbyes with these ladies don’t seem to stick!

Yesterday offered an opportunity to jump into my bodyweight fitness routine, and hours of cardio as well by way of walking all through Sydney, covering 10+ miles on foot between several art galleries (all free!) to fill my afternoon. After a quick afternoon nap to rest my sore legs, it was back to the pedestrian life, strolling through Sydney’s young and eclectic Newtown neighborhood to grab a bite at one of the coolest cafes I’ve ever had the pleasure of patronizing. Rising Sun Workshop is both a buzzy cafe with a mean bowl of ramen and a community motorcycle workshop collective – under the same roof. Check out the view from the bar.

The final stop of the night was one I was really excited for: I finally got a chance to see one of my favorite bands perform live in a nearby neighborhood, after they’d manage to elude me for years. Jungle is a funky, soulful music collective out of London, and they did not disappoint. As expected, they closed their set with their biggest single, Busy Earnin’ – a song that laments a life wasted on the pursuit of wealth above all else. The crowd – and the smile on my face – erupted as they crooned the all-too-poignant lyrics that I’ve committed to memory and taken to heart. 

‘You think that all your time is used,
Too busy earnin’,
You can’t get enough /
And I get it always,
But I bet it won’t change, no
Damn, that’s a boring life
Yeah, it’s crime: busy earnin’
You can’t get enough”


A boring life, indeed…

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  1. Chris, love reading about your great adventure….can’t wait to see what’s next on your list….have fun,you’re living life ,good for you

    1. Awesome! Definitely a similar message, and one that resonates a lot with me at this point in my life. Thanks for sharing brother, good to hear from ya!

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